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Our Signature Balance Ritual

120 Minutes


Designed to induce deep relaxation while bringing your mind and body back into balance.

This ritual begins with our signature dry brushing that gently exfoliates the skin and clears the mind making way for new beginnings.  This is followed by a 60 minute Balance Massage that combines organic, custom blended essential oils with light to firm pressure and long, fluid movements to soften strained muscles, settle the mind and restore lost energy.  A warming foot cleanse and massage, tension relieving scalp massage and rose quartz facial massage complete this head to toe experience and will leave you feeling calm, balanced and restored.

Cold Weather Ritual

Our cold weather ritual is designed to warm your body, re-energize your mind and bring your skin hydration and comfort.  This ritual begins in our luxury, adjustable heated massage beds where you can customize the temperature to make sure you are warm and cozy.  Starting with a stimulating dry brush massage and exfoliation followed by a warming infusion treatment.  Once the skin is renewed you are treated to a 75 minute whole body massage using organic, customized essential oils to add an additional moisturizing element and also completely relax and re-energize your mind and body.  Paraffin treatments for your hands and feet ease the senses and nourish the skin while a scalp massage calms your mind.  Finished with a warming hot towel foot cleanse and massage you will leave warmed, re-energized and glowing.

120 Minutes


Signature Massages

Refresh your mind and body and clear a path for new beginnings. This fully customized massage leaves you feeling recharged and at ease.  Long, fluid movements will soften and release tight, stressed muscles and your choice of organic essential oil is used to calm the body, settle the mind and restore lost energy.  Extra attention is given to high tension areas such as neck, back, shoulders and legs in order to release knotted muscles and restore energy flow throughout your body.  A warming hot towel foot cleanse and massage and a soothing scalp massage ensure you leave feeling deeply relaxed, restored and balanced from head to toe.

60/90/120 Mins.


 Refresh Massage

This luxurious treatment uses a combination of ultra hydrating and firming techniques to nuture and support your body in a time of constant change.  Using pregnancy safe organic oils that were designed to help reduce stretch marks, this massage eases away tension from tired muscles.  A gentle, organic, cocoa butter based mask is applied to  the belly to firm and tone the skin while a warming hot towel foot cleanse and massage are done leaving you feeling re-energized and balanced.

60/90 Mins.


Maternity Massage

A naturally warming blend of organic essential oils are used for this whole body massage.  Adjust our luxury, heated massage bed to your perfect temperature and enjoy.  Your entire body is treated from head to toe with a customized massage including extra attention spent on high tension areas such as back, neck and shoulders.  A paraffin hand treatment is applied while a gentle head and scalp massage is done to relax and clear your mind.  Finishing with a warming hot towel foot cleanse and massage you will leave warm, relaxed and balanced.

60/90/120 Mins.


 Warm Up Massage

Using a blend of healing and balancing organic essential oils specifically chosen to calm and reduce anxiety this nurturing massage focuses on easing physical tension and emotional anxiety.  Extra attention is paid to the head, eyes and temples to reduce stress and pressure build up as well as the neck and shoulders to relieve tense and knotted muscles.  A soothing eye treatment will be applied while you are treated to a warming hot towel foot cleanse and massage.  You will leave feeling calm and refreshed.

60/90/120 Mins.


Calm Massage

Our Deep Tissue Massage Certified Practitioners will customize this intensive treatment to meet your needs.  Deep tissue massage focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue.  Bio Freeze, a natural, but powerful, cold therapy gel is used to help ease and relax tight muscles. It is especially helpful for chronic aches and pains and contracted areas such as stiff neck and upper back, low back pain, leg muscle tightness, and sore shoulders. 

60/90 Mins.


 Deep Tissue Massage

Together enjoy a deeply relaxing massage designed to bring your minds and bodies back into balance. Start with your choice of custom blended organic essential oils that nourish skin and quiet your mind while a restorative, healing massage that focuses on easing tired and overused muscles ensures your body is relaxed and energy is restored.  A tension relieving head and scalp massage followed by a warming hot towel foot cleanse and massage leave you both feeling relaxed and refreshed.

60/90/120 Mins.


 Couples Massage